Awards Criteria

Story Award packages
An Invitation and Criteria

Unpublished but completed Book manuscripts of various genres, written by peoples of the Greater Pacific, may be submitted for consideration by the Judges, and if they meet the eligibility criteria, may win the annual Award. 

FNWF2025, each Book award package is a minimum of A$2,000 up to A$5,000.  We reserve the right to not award a prize at our unfettered discretion or if the judges deem that no one has achieved their standard.  Book manuscripts EOI must be sent by 28 February 2025 and books manuscripts themselves submitted by 30 March 2025.

We also accept Short stories of between 5,000 and 9,000 words. These short stories will also attract smaller awards of A$200 up to $A500. They will be published as an Anthology.  EOI and manuscript Submissions must occur at the two deadline dates 15 December 2024 and 30 March 2025 for short stories.

Submission Dates

All Book Expressions of Interest must be lodged by 31st March 2024 and Manuscripts by 30th April. Announcements by end of May 2024.

Detailed Eligibility includes: